So a little whining on my part... maybe not whining, per se, but... *grin* Anyways, Sam's "Just My Type" challenge on the DD blog provided me with the perfect inspiration to capture my emotions of the day... thanks, Sam!
So, Shannon and I were in Phoenix at a showcase a couple of weeks ago... at a showcase tournament, coaches move the roster around alot to get all the girls on the field to play for the college coaches attending. These tourneys are not so much for winning, as for exposure for the girls. That said, Shannon has never not started a game... and this one time the coach didn't start her, the Air Force coach was there watching... grrrrrrr... luckily, speaking to her coach the other day, AF is still interested in her, so all was not lost! It just didn't appear that way the day of the game... I was very upset...

I SIMPLY CANNOT BELIEVE THAT IT WENT DOWN THIS WAY. That’s Coach Grossman sitting on the sidelines of your second game at ECNL Phoenix. I had informed Sean that Air Force had promised you they’d watch “one full game” and here he was. The problem, however, was that Sean decided to start all the girls that never start. And, he decided to play them for a good part of the game, too. Which would’ve been fine with you at any other game... just not this one! So, Air Force now had the impression that you aren’t a starter (you are) and you don’t play a full match (you do). I was so angry and so sad for you... yes, I shed a few tears at that game ‘cuz I really thought this would completely destroy your chance to play at the Air Force Academy. I really felt this would end that dream... but, it turns out, Sean spoke with Coach Grossman after Phoenix and you are still on their recruiting list. They weren’t concerned at all about the playing time; Sean assured them you were one of his starting eleven and one of his strongest players, too. He also assured them you have a mean left foot... after they observed you to be a mostly “right-footed player”. (What the...?) *smiley* So, I guess you are still in the game, Missy!
ECNL PHOENIX, AZ / October 8 thru October 10, 2011


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