I didn't like my lack of blending on the last page I did of Jana's Blending. The image was blended with the background, but the edges were more not blended as much as I think they were intended to be according to Jana's class (at least my take on it). Here is another try - this time trying to blend some background colors that I wished really weren't there. In the end, to be honest, I like both pages, but they were both done slightly differently. I am trying really hard to learn each technique exactly as Jana is showing each of them, and then in the end, I will have the tools to decide how to put my page together. Such wonderful new tools Jana - thank-you.

I made this for a friend at work. I had to try to get both green and yellow into it as her room is green and yellow.

Items Used:
Classic Cardstock: Details - Katie Pertiet
Classic Cardstock: Buttercup - Katie Pertiet
Fiske Kit - Maplebrook Studios
Just Linens No. 2 - Maplebrook Studios
Hint at it No. 4 - Lynn Grieveson

***thanks for looking***