Wow, time just seems to be flying by! Saturday, Isabel and I headed to the cottage. It was very cold and windy and we stopped at a little coffee shop in Perth (not either of those Perth's, Perth, ON) for a latte. Sunday when we headed for home it was about 9 degrees C and there was a bitterly cold wind. Monday was cool and rainy. The leaves are bright and cheery though. Tuesday as I walked down the hill, I wondered if I'd make it to the car before it started to rain...I did. Wednesday, due to a mix up in booking cases, I have to switch my day off to today instead of Friday. I treat myself to a pumpkin pie blizzard at Dairy Queen while running errands. Thursday is provincial election day. Friday, HELP POLICE, someone has stolen my clean dishes out of the dishwasher! Or, maybe Isabel emptied it the next day, without my having to nag. No, you are right, HELP POLICE!! Smile

ETA: seriously mixed up the journalling, chalk it up to cooking two turkeys in two is fixed on the original...

LGrieveson-Scrap Express No 55

AVictoria-Mustard Seed papers

KPertiet-Autumn Ice Striped papers