Just decided to go bright for a change!
17. First night of 50th HS reunion was dinner at Karen's beautiful home. So good to do some catch up from 5 years ago. Found out that Tom Smith had died in Rome. 18. Full day reunion at Kenwood Country Club with Mass, photos and lunch. Love that World's Finest Chocolate we used to sell! The photo slide show was lots of fun to watch.19. Decided to don the garland for the fall wreath and be a Autumnal Equinox goddess. 20. Beautiful morning light in the kitchen. Have to catch these lights quickly! 21. Love that walk up to McDowell hall at St. Johns. Nice to see two friends chatting there in the early evening 22. Big big clouds on the way up to Glen Burnie. Easy to capture them on this open stretch of Rt. 10. The clouds always seem to hang so low up that way. 23. Trying out another self portrait in the downstairs bathroom. Those self portraits do take some letting go of looking good.

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