14 is our number. so whenever I do lists like that, I always choose 14.

there are things on the page that I love and others that I hate, but I just wanted to stop. I do love the fact that I have finished this journal of mini memories that would otherwise surely be forgotten.

please don't make me give any credits, there's just too much on this page. I can say:
tons of DD stuff
lots of SHABBY PRINCESS material
too many items downloaded and altered
some things from lauren grier, gina cabrera, ...

as far as it comes to the journalling I'm only going to translate a few - don't wanna bore you;

* she imitates our old panting dog and won't hear of barking sounds as well as a lion's roar (too funny when a 1-year old does that)
* we always have to kiss her soft toy theo before her after waking up;
* she is an omnivore to the core (potting soil by the fistful, rocks, dead lady bugs ... you name it!)
* she loves, loves, loves our vacuum cleaner so much that when we removed it from its temporary location right next to her eating stool, her protests were unbearable and we moved it back; she howls with it when it's working btw ;-))
* that she negates any questions, any, by shaking her head
* she looks like an old toothless lady when sending kisses for she sucks in her lower lip so much
* when the horse carriages from the castle nearby turn into our street, she interrupts any activity and wants us to take her to the window to have a look at them
* she loves holding her hand like al bundy, swinging like a speed junkie, pointing at her tummy, throwing all the pens around ...

see, nothing spectacular. we are sure many other kids do the very same things ;-)) for us it's unique and now hopefully unforgettable.

wow! that's almost an essay ;-))