An incredibly social week this week! Saturday, when Isabel and I were in Almonte for Fibrefest, I saw this table made with the base from a Wanzer treadle sewing machine. Wanzer was a company based in Hamilton, ON, near where I was born, which went out of business in 1890. The table was in the window of a shop which was closed. It was meant to be mine as it was still there when we went back! Sunday, Isabel and I did a little shopping before I dropped her at work. Monday was a colleague's last day. He is moving on to a job in industry after 28 years. The joke was, as he was my relief, that this was my very last coffee break - ever! Tuesday, my coworker who retired in April and I took the colleague out to dinner. It was a nice evening. We never got together outside of work, as one of us was always working! Wednesday is a wet and rainy day and as I wait to pick Isabel up after her shift, it starts to pour again. Thursday, an Xray colleague's retirement dinner. It is a lovely evening. I got to see so many old friends! Friday, one of my running buddies turns 40. Another lovely evening. How was your week?

LGrieveson-Scrap Express No55

KPertiet-Autumn Ice Striped papers