Photos of my husband from the time he was a student in the fourth grade of elementary school. The first is the typical classroom photo; the second is from the school parade on our National Day, March 25th, and the third from a school performance.
My husband’s home town is a small village in the southern part of Chania prefecture of the island Crete. In 50’s, the school rules were very strict for the students. Boys should have an army haircut and girls should wear blue aprons. Body punishments from the teacher were usual and acceptable from the parents. Those times, children had been playing free in the streets without any parental supervision. Sometimes, their games were dangerous. They had been wandering in the nearby mountains to find abandoned German ammunition in order to take the gunpowder and they used it for fishing. Once, the explosion was so strong that the inhabitants considered it as bombardment. In that explosion one of the children was hurt seriously and fortunately he survived.

Cover and first page are from the spelling book of the first grade. Edition 1950.

My husband can’t describe me in details with which way they took the gunpowder and used it to fish. His weak memory because of dementia doesn’t help. The general description is as much as I can remember from a past narration.

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