I feel like I have missed so many events due to a child that would fight getting natural photos taken. It can be so frustrating. I find that I have to be happy with the one photo here or there that has a somewhat forced smile, or the stolen photo taken from afar.

Journaling reads: I know I always have my camera with me, and that I can easily take hundreds of photos per month, but all I wish to do is document our lives. I pull the camera out and you frown, make faces - and unless I catch you off-guard, you are never captured with a smile on your face. On the occasion I do catch you with a smile, and you tell me how much you like the scrapbook page I create with it, you still do your best to prevent me from taking natural photos of you as if I am not there. So I continue to try to capture the unknown photo from afar, or the quick shot you didn’t expect, and hope someday soon you realize that it is much easier to go through life without taking into account the extraneous activities, and focus instead on enjoying and living your life without the inner constraint that stops you when you think someone might be looking. After all - life is what you make of it - ENJOY!

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