Another week down, time seems to be flying by. Saturday, I met our Clinical Educator downtown for coffee to discuss education and afterward walked along the canal to the National Arts Centre for tickets to "Oliver" in December. Sunday I had a pedicure. Monday I went to Parkdale Market for more tomatoes to make sauce. Tuesday, I have been seeing geese coming up from the river in the morning as I walk up the hill to work. Wednesday, Isabel and I met at the car and we went to the market for some more fresh veg and Isabel bought me some mums. When Isabel was little, this park used to be the enticement to go to the market with me. After we got the veg, Isabel would play in the park. She used to hate the market, it took too long (in her opinion) before she was allowed to play. Thursday, another AF cryoablation. Shirley remarked last week that I always got the coolest work photos, so I felt challenged to get a cooler one. -52 degrees C cool enough? Friday was the first official day of Fall. Hope that you had a good one.

LGrieveson-Scrap Express No55

KPertiet-Autumn Ice Striped papers