Who has not been a high school girl in love and drawn all over their notebooks at school...I heart "so and so"...BFFs 4EVR, and on and on an on...well my hubby of 14 years got me flowers for NO reason Thursday night, which was like he** freezing over, so of course I was giddy like a school girl over the fact he had a shred of a romantic bone in him! LOL! This page idea came to me right away!

Layer Works No. 40
Bound Paper Pack No. 02
Word Strip Labels No. 03
Colored Cardboard: Blues No. 01
Colored Cardboard: Greens No. 01
Roughed Up Solids: Autumnal Paper Pack
Heart Pieces Elements and Brushes No. 01
Heart Pebbles
Heart Pebbles No. 03
For The Love Of Love Brushes and Stamps
Fasten Its!
Ledger Button Words No. 01
Life In Pictures Brushes and Stamps
2pm iTunes challenge (kiss)