The CT Lift was just what I needed for a kickstart for playing. Thank you Carol for the inspiration. I love the story of the relationship and the placement of the journaling in Carol's wonderful Best Friends. This is a photo scanned from a slide of my brother and myself, Christmas 1958.

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Just Linens Paper Pack No. 01
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Glorious Days Kit
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Katie Pertiet
Just Look at You Layered Template
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Notebook Blocks Layered Template No. 05
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Photo Corners: Colors No. 01
Twisted Stitches

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Woodcutter Kit - ribbon

Fonts - Saginaw Bold, Century Expanded BT

Journaling - Christmas 1958. He got his housecoat caught in his excitement to put on his new gun holster. Being a good big sis, I gave him a hand with the problem. We are close in age ... just one year and six days apart. We have shared many birthday and Christmas celebrations together. Laughed together through the good times and consoled one another through the bad times. Even though he is physically bigger than me now, I still look out for him. I love you little bro.