Oh I made a birthday page every year for a while and now get lots of grief if I don't... LOL. so heres the new one.
Top tip for us photographers who hate having our picture taken {all of us here right? Wink } don't try and have a 'proper' photo, instead have fun, be silly and do something like the photo booth app on your iPad/phone with your eight year old. Much better, less serious, results Wink LOL

in case you can't read and want to,
journaling reads, in no particular order - I make a birthday page every year. Still dislike my picture enough for it to be an effort to do. 39 - where did the time go?! I shoot Canon and create on apple. They work with who I am. I’ve got particular about some things. Okay sometimes I’m downright fussy. I don't think you get wiser as you get older. You just see things for what they are, a little more. I go to the gym. That is still pretty funny to me. I still go to starbucks more.... I write as much as I take pictures or create now. All part of the same path.
I am awful at sleeping. I’can always think of better things to do. but get grumpy without it..
Outdoors makes me happy. Art makes me happy. Peace amongst my loved ones makes me happy. I know who are my dearest friends for life. Very thankful for them. getting help is not the same as failing. Took me long enough to figure that one out! I really like most of my life. Working to accept the bits I cant change...

{p.s. - I know people muttering about their age is really annoying - either you are twice their age and wonder what the heck they are complaining about or you are much younger and have no idea what they think at that age - so I am not moaning about my age at all, just kinda surprised 39 has got here:) it went fast!}

Favorite Chinos Alphabets
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Eat Cake Kit candle
Absolutely Acrylic: Hearts No. 02 - crown, recoloured
Letter Box Love: Hearts No. 01
Art Time Kit paint pot
Simple Spots No. 01 friends
Felt Board Friends: A Bit Fruity
Party Pennant Sticks
Clock Parts No. 01
Coffee Klatch Kit coffee
pick of the patch -owl
Party Pennant Sticks - birdie
Fall Fun Mini Kit - tag, staples, word strip
Party Pennant Sticks- recoloured
All Mapped Out Paper Pack No. 01
Moving forward word brushes
autumnal artistry kit
geometric hint brushes
Proof Sheet Frames No. 02
How’d They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows

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