Saturday Scraplift No. 222: Patterned Paper as a Background

Sometimes I think I should hand out sunglasses when I post my pages! Smile Here is my take on this week's Saturday Scraplift. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration, Marnie! Love your page!

The story is this...

A few weeks ago, I received a Get It Scrapped newsletter, in which Debbie Hodge announced that there was a sale--a retirement sale--on all of Pattie Knox's classes. Well, brain surgeon that I am, I immediately leaped to the conclusion that Pattie was retiring from the business! My heart stopped beating, my breathing became labored, and I believe I very nearly fainted. Then, of course, I finished reading the email...and found that GIS was merely making room for new and updated classes Pattie will be rolling out in 2012. Oops! How rumors get started! Smile

Once the world started spinning again and I got over my entirely self-induced fright, I took a romp through the class materials of hers that I have, reminding myself of all of the amazing techniques I've learned from her. I came across a page I'd done for her "More Digital Techniques for Art Journaling" class and realized I'd not posted that page to the DD gallery. After seeing this week's scraplift challenge, I decided to re-work my original page a bit, adding a patterned background paper.

The photo is of our cat, Lucifer. We've nicknamed him 'Luci,' (hence the page title; oh and 'loo' is a British word for 'toilet') although seriously, with his demeanor we should really call him something like 'Buttercup' or 'Marshmallow.' I've told this story before, but he is called 'Lucifer' because he was named by our 4-year-old neighbor boy. Lucifer was abandoned by his owners when they moved out of our neighborhood. (There should be a special place in Hell for people like that, but I digress...) He started hanging around our house (the cat, not the neighbor boy!) and we eventually caught him and decided to keep him (again, the cat and not the neighbor boy!). However, by the time we caught him, he had already been seen several times by the little boy, and the little boy had begun calling the cat "Lucifer." We thought perhaps the boy was privy to some inside information (ha!), but his mom explained that the boy had recently seen the animated movie "Cinderella," and in this movie there is a cat named Lucifer. The boy thought all cats were called Lucifer, and it was a name that stuck. You can bet we get a lot of stares when he gets out of the house and we wander the streets of our neighborhood calling, "Lucifer! Lucifer!"

Although we really do provide fresh water every day for our cats (and we've even purchased a little water fountain for them, in case it's the flowing water that attracts them),we inevitably find them perched on the toilet seat. This photo of Lucifer makes me smile, as he is giving me such a look of reproach! Sorry, Buddy, but I, too, had to use the toilet! (TMI? Wink )

Pattie, Girlfriend, so glad you're not retiring! Smile

Study Hall Paper Pack (recolored)

Lynn Grieveson
Comic Splatz

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Roughed Up Photo Mats: Holiday No. 01
Rubber Alphabet No. 01 (slightly recolored)
Watery Blooms Brushes and Stamps
Watery Washes No. 03 Brushes and Stamps

Fonts: CK_Ali's Hand, SF Slapstick Comic Shaded, DigiStrip

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