We went to Florida to celebrate my FIL’s 98th birthday. He is very hard of hearing and has begun to use a walker since we saw him in March. He likes the kids, but has no idea who they are or how he is related to them. Hayden is our grandnephew. Thanks Digi-Shoes for your great inspiration. (I’ve got to learn names around here again!!)

Bookshelf Scrap Pack No. 1
Classic Cardstock Cleansing
Curled Journal Spots No. 3
Digital Poetry
From my Bookshelf No.2
Hinge Pack
In stitches Wings No. 1
Letterbox Brushes No.5
Letterbox Seamstress
Messy Stitches No.2
Photo Corners

Lynn Grieveson-
Late Summer Mini-Kit
Ripped and Stitched DIY 2
Sept. 13 Chat Freebie paper