Cassie's gallery is a real delight to explore! I had such a difficult time narrowing things down to just one page to lift but I finally settled on Magical.

This page will be the right page of two-page layout, with the left side being a page I posted a while ago. I've been struggling for some time on how best to finish this story, and Cassie's page gave me just the right inspiration.

Here's what the two pages look like side by side:

ETA: the purple and green flower arrangement next to the bride is actually her bouquet. I extracted her bouquet from another photo and included it here.

Journaling on the left page reads:
"David and Jessica were positively giddy on their wedding day, all giggles and smiles and happy tears. Weddings are normally a time of great joy, full of hope and promise and excitement about the future, but their wedding day was bittersweet. Jessica’s father was dying of cancer; we later learned that on their wedding day he had at most a handful of days left to live. Jessica was adamant that her father attend her wedding, so starting in November she and David quickly put together a January wedding. Her father, a talented musician, was just as adamant--he wanted to give them a special wedding day present, a song he would play on his beloved saxophone, a song just for them. With Jessica sitting by his side, he played so clear and true that angels wept. It was to be his last song."

Cassie Jones
How’d They Do That? No. 12: The Perfect Blend
How’d They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows
Laying It All Out No. 04: Extractions with Dimension

(I tried to use as many Cassie tutorials as I could for this Cassie lift! Smile )

Maplebrook Studio
Lars Solids Paper Pack

Katie Pertiet
Letter Box Photo Masks No. 07
Scatterings No. 03
Taped Photo Masks No. 01
Vintage Blendables No. 01

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