And that can be taken several ways.... Oh, Dear Fall - with your crisp days and brilliant colors....Oh dear, Fall - which means winter is right ahead and I still have flower beds to put to bed, and leaves to rake and walks I want to take and about a million things I haven't yet finished still to do.... and Oh, dear, FALL - as in just drop those leaves already so I won't have to rake again next weekend... You get the idea. I have mixed emotions about the season. I love it's beauty. I dread the winter that follows it, and it's always so busy it's gone before I know it.

Since September is Sewing month, I couldn't resist the urge to do a little stitching.

Ali Edwards

Harvest Cardstock and Patterns

Flowers 1 brushes and stamps

Lynn Grievson
Worn edges 2


Hey Sunshine

Katie Pertiet
Stamped stitches 6

Ledger paper pieces leaves

Messy stitching white

Drawn stitches 1 brushes and stamps

Fall Orchard

Button rimmed alpha - vintage

Maplebrook studios

Yep, I think that's all of 'em.