I scrap a page a week with details on what little man got up to during the week. This is on top of all of the other pages I do about him. Ha! I plan to do it until his first birthday. After that I think I'll cut it back a monthly update. Wink These are my favourite pages to scrap and already I enjoy looking back on them and seeing what's changed! Hopefully he'll enjoy reading it all some day too!

Thanks for looking. Smile

Layered Memories No. 020
On the Edge Botanicals Paper Pack
Petite Botanicals No. 01 Paper Pack
Stitched Up Frames No. 02
Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 03
Clean Stitched Borders: White No. 01
Wooden Alphabet No. 08
Shimmer Me Tidbits: Fireworks

Font: Esat Hoxha NRML

Journaling: You experienced teething pain for the first time this week. Oh I felt so hopeless as I did not realise at first that was why you were grizzling. I put the gel on your gum and you were quiet within a couple of minutes, drinking your bottle and off to sleep. It only lasted a day and other than a bit of swelling on the gum there’s no other signs of that pesky tooth. You were so good though and did not cry, but you were quite unsettled. **You also came car and furniture shopping with Mummy, Daddy, Nana and Pa. I was worried how you would go because I knew we would be out of the house the entire day. In true Lincoln fashion though you were perfectly well behaved, did not complain once and even softened up the car salesman a bit for us! **We think we might have heard ‘Ad-dad’ a couple of times. You are getting so vocal that I wouldn’t be surprised! **You have also been practicing hard to get yourself crawling. You have figured out how to dig your feet in now and lift your bum up! You are so proud of yourself every time you do it! Once you discover something you do it repeatedly until you have it sussed. It’s a matter of time before you are mobile! **You recognise your Nana and Pa now and act so cute for them whenever you see them. Not that Nana or Pa complain one little bit, they lap up every little bit of your cuteness.