This proved to be a difficult page to scrap. I knew I wanted to do something to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of 9/11, but I wasn't sure what. And should I even make a page about this? Is it even appropriate? My loved ones were not there; none of us were physically injured, so what story am I trying to tell? My scrapping preferences tend toward the bold and colorful, so initially I thought to make a bold, colorful, in-your-face page. In the end, I settled on something quiet and, I hope, a bit introspective.

I took this photo when I visited NYC a few years ago. While I was there I'd gone on one of those boat cruises that takes you all around the island of Manhattan; I took this photo while on that cruise. The captain announced that the Twin Towers used to be in the background.

The sight of them must have been glorious.

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