Think I missed the deadline, but am posting anyway. Geeze, these timed scraps always give me a heart attack!


...and we are back. I wanted to get the credits posted before I forgot what I used here.

I'm a veteran of Cassie's 30-Minute Masterpiece Challenges, so somehow I thought having 90 minutes to make a page would be easy. I was wrong, so, so wrong! I have a "go-to" folder that I use for these kind of challenges, photos taken at the wedding of two dear friends, so finding photos was easy, but I spent nearly an hour just deciding on what papers to use! And then there's always that last-minute rush to get the page uploaded. After three failed attempts I realized I'd forgotten to make the page smaller. Sigh. Nothing like being able to think under pressure! Smile

Ali and Cathy, thanks for a great challenge and thanks for the great freebie!

There's a couple of hours before the next chat of the day, so I think I'll go get some housecleaning done.

Hahahahaha! I kill me sometimes! Smile Smile

CZ and AE Chat Freebie (template, word art; I altered the word art a bit to accomodate a two-photo page. So cool that Ali's handwriting is available as a font! Smile )

Katie Pertiet
Letter Box Paper Pack
Letter Box Botanicals Paper Pack No. 01
Classic Cardstock: Sleep Softly
Naturally Krafty No. 01 Paper Pack

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