Thanks Cathy and Ali--really fun challenge!

So excited last weekend--my photo shoot buddy traveled from Missouri to attend the 35th Annual Colorado Balloon Classic. On Saturday morning we woke at 5 am and headed out the door by 5:30 am for a 7:00 am launch. I was really jazzed because it was cold enough for me to wear the new sweatshirt I bought in Breckenridge last month. As we got closer to Memorial Park, we noticed people walking the wrong direction and discovered the event had been cancelled due to high winds. After our initial disappointment, we drove to the Farmers' Market and enjoyed a refreshing morning shooting fruits and veggies. On Sunday, we woke again at 5:00 am and the hot air balloon lift was ON! But the guide balloon headed North missing the lake. One more try--up at 5:00 am on Monday and off to watch the balloons lift. This time most of them made a lake splash and dash! Victory! Labor Day Weekend 2011