Two more pages for my Maui vacation book. You know, the book I started over a year ago for the vacation we took last May! On Katie's blog, she recently asked about what projects her blog readers have on their to-do lists. Ugh. My to-do list is frighteningly looooong! When I open that folder, it's like I'm the mama bird and there are all of these baby birds inside there, chirping away at me, clamoring for my attention. No mothering instinct here--I always slam the folder shut! Smile Her question did get me thinking, though, that I should really try to wrap up some of these projects, and with the awesome contest going on at DD right now, and with the scrap-it-together activities coming up on Saturday, it seemed the perfect time to go folder diving, pick one project--just one, mind you--and Get. It. Done.

Random musings: I so envy people like Linda (earlofoxford) and Thess (thessh) who can choose a basic design for their travel pages and then stick with it all the way through. Their books always look so polished and professional. Me, I'm more of a "Is the pasta done yet?" kind of scrapper, as I've mentioned before; I throw things at the page and then see what sticks! Smile I haven't done any pages for this book in a while, and I note with resigned amusement that the two pages here look nothing like the pages I've already made.

On these two pages I talk about how we ended up going to Maui in the first place, and then there's some rambling on about the actual travel day. I tend to be very detail-oriented ("No! Really? Go on, not you!"), because I won't remember any of this in a few years; although the journaling is pasted below, please don't feel compelled to read it.

ETA: I'm getting some lovely compliments on the blended coconut photo, but that wasn't me. It's all Katie--the paper came like this! How cool is that?

Here's what the two pages look like together:

Journaling for this page reads:
"So Why Maui? And Why Now(ie)?

To begin at the beginning...

It's December 2009. Only three short months ago, we'd just returned from a glorious vacation in Costa Rica. We weren't even thinking about traveling and we certainly weren't planning on taking another vacation so soon after our last one. In fact, all I was thinking about was how much I needed to get accomplished before December 25th!

...and then here's what happened...

Wayne and Linda own a Marriott resort timeshare. I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs of owning a timeshare, but I do know that they use theirs to good effect, taking two 1-week trips each year to different places around the globe, wherever a Marriott resort can be found. As might be expected, some destinations are more popular than others, Maui being one of the most popular. In order to stay at a Maui Marriott timeshare, Linda had to book a full two years in advance to get a week in May 2010! Life is unpredictable, though, and as it happened she and Wayne would not be able to use their week in Maui. Rather than try to swap the week with another person in her timeshare community, she emailed Jodi and I and asked if either of us would like to have her Maui vacation. All it would cost us, besides plane fare, was a $39.95 transfer fee, to put the reservation in our name. Hmmm, so let me think--we can spend a week on an island paradise, at a world-class resort, for only $39.95? In my mind, the next few seconds occurred in slow motion as I typed a three-word reply to my sister and hit the "Send" button: "We'll take it!"

Planning the Trip

In the 21st century planning a trip, at least for me, means hitting the internet. It's pretty cool to be able to plan a trip from the comfort of one's own home, and with a computer and an internet connection, you can find everything you could possible need! Need plane tickets and a rental car? We're fans of Cheap Tickets. Want to get the low-down on a restaurant or national park? Trip Advisor is great! For a great selection of guide books, try Amazon. Need new vacation-themed underwear? Victoria's Secret is your best bet. Wait, what? You don't buy underwear that coordinates with your vacation destination? Well, truth to tell I don't really, either. It just so happens that Vicki's Secret had some darling tropical-themed undies on sale about the time I was starting to think about this trip. Nothing gets you in the mood for a tropical vacation like wearing palm trees on your toosh, but I digress...

When I say we planned our vacation, I need to qualify that. We're very casual travelers, rarely going any place with a set itinerary, rarely even having hotel reservations! Oh, we have a vague idea of what we want to see, but we don't usually set up any kind of a schedule. Our general travel plan (and I use the word "plan" loosely!) has always been to: (1) choose a destination; (2) make plane and rental car reservations; (3) arrive at our vacation spot; (4) flip a coin to decide whether we'll drive clockwise or counterclockwise around the country; (5) hop into the rental car, guidebooks at the ready, to make sure we see what there is to see and to get recommendations on places to stay for the night; (6) start driving. Really. That's it. That's the plan. This kind of let’s-go-see-and-hope-for-the-best traveling is not for everyone, and it has certainly led to some interesting, um adventures, but truly they’ve always been grand!

With the exception of vacations where we've stayed at a friend or relative's home, this vacation would be the first one we've ever taken together where we stayed in the same hotel for the entire duration. Not only have we never stayed in the same place for more than two or thre nights, we've never stayed in such luxurious accommodations. Since we are rarely at our lodgings for anything other than sleeping, there never seemed any point. I must say, I was looking forward to the resort experience!"

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