Two more pages for my Maui vacation book. You know, the book I started over a year ago for the vacation we took last May! On Katie's blog, she recently asked about what projects her blog readers have on their to-do lists. Ugh. My to-do list is frighteningly looooong! When I open that folder, it's like I'm the mama bird and there are all of these baby birds inside there, chirping away at me, clamoring for my attention. No mothering instinct here--I always slam the folder shut! Smile Her question did get me thinking, though, that I should really try to wrap up some of these projects, and with the awesome contest going on at DD right now, and with the scrap-it-together activities coming up on Saturday, it seemed the perfect time to go folder diving, pick one project--just one, mind you--and Get. It. Done.

On these two pages I talk about how we ended up going to Maui in the first place, and then there's some rambling on about the actual travel day. I tend to be very detail-oriented ("No! Really? Go on, not you!"), mainly because I know I won't remember any of this in a few years; although the journaling is pasted below, please don't feel compelled to read it.

ETA: We left for Maui on a Saturday, the day of DD's 2nd Quarterly Sales chat fest. I seriously considered changing our plane reservation so that I could attend all of the chats...Peter made it quite clear there would be none of that! Smile I think the word "divorce" was mentioned! Smile

Journaling for this page reads:
"I seem to take a lot of pictures of our feet! That’s Peter’s left foot and my right foot in the photo above; this was taken on our flight from LAX to OGG (the Kahului, Maui airport). For some reason, we were not able to choose our seat assignments ahead of time on this particular flight unless we upgraded to United’s economy-plus seating. Hmmm, maybe that was the reason! The economy-plus was a bit more expensive than economy but at least it offered 5 extra inches of legroom, and we were able to get the seats that we prefer--aisle for Peter, seat next to him for me. Although we grudging paid for the economy-plus, in the end we were pleased that we did. Five hours on a plane is a really long time! Five hours when you’re rolled up like a pretzel feels like an eternity!

For a travel day, today wasn’t bad. The shuttle that took us to the airport was a few minutes late arriving to pick us up from our house, giving me a mild heart attack, but the driver made up for it by getting us to the airport in plenty of time. We flew from SFO to LAX and then caught a connecting flight to Maui. Both of our flights were on time and uneventful. We were even in LAX long enough for me to log on to my laptop and check in with the all-day chats going on at Designer Digitals, my favorite digital scrapbooking site! (The all day chat fest accompanies their 2nd Quarterly Sale.) Peter couldn’t understand why I was in such a hurry to get situated at LAX, until he peered over my shoulder and saw what was on my computer screen. I seem to remember hearing a groan from him then, and I’m sure there was much eye-rolling, but good sport that he is, he pulled out his paperback and read while I dropped into the current chat.

Once we arrived at the Kahului airport, it was very easy to find the Alamo rental car agency and get our car. Clever man that he is, Peter downloaded maps of Maui to his iPhone before we left, so we were able to use GPS. We therefore had no problem getting out of the airport and onto the highway that would take us to Lahaina and our hotel. His iPhone became an indispensably tool that we’ll now add to our travel essentials.

Now the adventure really begins!"

Lynn Grieveson
Sunshine Ahead Kit (flower)

Cassie Jones
How'd They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows

Pattie Knox
Absolutely Acrylic: Arrows
Epoxy Extravaganza: On the Beach
Staple Its!

Katie Pertiet
Alandia Tropics Kit (background paper)
Assorted Messy Stitches: White No. 02
Date Tags No. 04
Edge Overlays No. 01
Going Away Collection (stamp)
On the Go Kit (airplane, alpha)
My Wonderful Adventure (suitcases)
Negative Sleeves No. 03
Sealife Memories Kit (starfish)

Mindy Terasawa
SurFs Up Stickers (palm trees)

Font: Comic Sans MF

Travel books, Maui map, boarding passes: mine
iPod, laptop, company logos: web downloads

Oh, and if you want to learn how to put a shadow under an acrylic element, check out this thread. Thanks, Pattie! You rock! Smile

Thanks for stopping by, and if you read all of the journaling, I so owe you a cup of coffee! Smile