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When I looked through the photos from last summer (see last post), I suddenly discovered a lot of photos I hadn't given much thought before. This particular photo provoked a lot of feelings about my oldest daughter. She is the pensive one. Or should I say the introvert. Wink

Journaling: I won’t even try to explain the feeling this photo provokes in me. Your sweet, little face, your beautiful smile. Your hair falling down over your eyes, but not enough to hide their twinkling as you look straight in the camera. Looking at me. This photo was taken one year ago. I see you as you were, but also as the person you are slowly becoming. I won’t lie, sometimes we bang our heads together. You can be moody. But if you hurt someone, you will not hesitate to apologize. You care for other people’s feelings. I love that about you. You are somewhat careful in your approach to life. You think twice or more before doing something new. Which means that when you step into something, you’re certain that you can do it. And I know for sure that you can do everything.