Tim and I went to see the new memorial in downtown DC last Sunday ... it was packed with so many people, but I managed to get a few good shots.


The official address of the monument, is 1964 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington DC, which commemorates the year that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 became law. The starting point is the two-stone entry portal, and past the portal, stands a single stone. On the visible side of the stone, the theme of hope is presented, with the text from King's famed 1963 "I Have a Dream" speech cut into the stone: "Out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope." Inside the memorial is the Inscription Wall, where 14 of Dr. King’s most notable quotes were engraved on a 450-foot crescent shaped granite wall. The quotes span the too-short career of Dr. King, the earliest taken from his rise during the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycotts in Alabama, to the last, taken from his last sermon delivered at the National Cathedral in 1968, four days before his assassination. On the side of the MLK stone, the words read "I Was a Drum Major for Justice, Peace, and ighteousness." This is highly controversial because it turned out not to be a direct quote, but instead a shortened and paraphrased version of a statement in a 1968 ermon. Critics, including the famed poet Maya Angelou, say this paraphrase had seriously changed its meaning and seemed to do a disservice to King's memory. The Washington Post went as far in its September 2, 2011 editorial, recommending that the wording be changed. Time will tell.

The grid template format was inspired by Julie DeGuia's layout, http://www.designerdigitals.com/digital-scrapbooking/ideas/showphoto.php?photo=139115

Supplies used:
White papers, butterflies, bow, and brads: Katie Pertiet's gorgeous Artistry de Blanco
Grey paper: Lynn Grieveson Kohi
Scratched mask: Anna Aspnes Scratched FotoBlendz No 1
Green glitter: Nicole Young Way Up High
File tab: Andrea Victoria Challenge 09-12-2008
Fonts: Allegro ("I Have a Dream ..."), Calisto MT (MLK Memorial), and Traveling Typewriter (journaling)