I seem to be in a journalling mood, as well as a soppy mood lol. Peter doesn't make it into many of my pages as it's usually the kids, but he's always there encouraging me. He's desperate for me to get some of my layouts printed off to put on the wall as I always used to with my paper pages.

It's a really busy stressful time for him just now before the students return to Uni, plus he's just completing an MEd. I just want him to know how proud we are of him.

Ooh, and I thanked Jana for inspiration in my last layout. Gotta thank her again for an article on her blog about repeating wordart, it's not something I usually use, but it seemed right here.

Supplies used:
K Pertiet
Simply Stripes Paper Pack No. 01;
Little Hearts Kit;
Vintage Photo Frames No. 16;
Twisted Stitches;
Stacked Photo Clusters No. 03;
Pick Me Up Kit;
Basic Twills: Plain;
Winged Collection No. 03 Kit;
Mixed Bag Brushes and Stamps No. 04;
Paper Cuts No. 03;
Rubber Wraps No. 02;
Beyond Words Brushes and Stamps;
Cutie Layered Template;
challenge freebies (heart charm; file);

L Grieveson
Backyard Expedition Kit;

Maplebrook studios
Lovisa Paper Pack;

C Zielske
Dotted and Dashed Brushes and Stamps;

P Knox
Brad Bonanza No. 01: Digital Fasteners.

Will be back to link the products when I don't have a small boy asleep on one arm so I have to type just with my left hand lol.