Yesterday - I found out about the “aka “ challenge section – so it was time to make one. This year I’m making a scrapbook page a day … and yes this counts. Each day I try to learn something new – most likely I can be found scraplifting others ideas. Today was not any different. I saw these cool lines on a picture and that’s what I learned how to do today – I also asked how to do it in Quick links and Dugarner pasted a link faster than I could blink an eye – so thanks for the help and the inspiration. I had “past tense” a lot of scrapbook supplies “still do” but not as much now thanks to the decision to switch to Digital – I might add one of the best decisions of this year! I found Designer digitals shortly after the new year 2011– and its been a blessing in disguise. I don’t get to do what I used to do… but I am doing what I want to do…my 89(on 9/22) year old grandmother (Mamaw) lives with me – she is my priority these days. Some days are easy and some days are like taking care of a 111 pound toddler … only harder because you can’t send her to her room or put her in a time out, Luckily I can go in my room and scrapbook! I used 1 of my own stamps for the trio of flowers – 1 from that heaping pile I used to call my personal stash. The 2 fonts were Vrinda and Susies hand. Mini = Miniatures I collect them ...Deb... short for Debbie

Freebie Color Inspired 09 04 11
Oiselet Bleu Kit
Candid Collection
Tied Fasteners
Brushed Alphabet No. 03
Alandia Element Pack
These Tutorials sent lightbulbs … they were almost as big as fireworks that Saturday morning….off in my brain … and got me hooked line and sinker at dd
Laying It All Out No. 14: Creating Brushes from Paper
Laying It All Out No. 17: Mixing Things Up
Clean Stitched Borders: White No. 01
the inspiration: