Hoping to do more pages like these...a quick snapshot of facts about my oldest daughter for August 2011.
Thanks for looking!

You love pasta and would eat it for every meal. You don't care for many meats and will not eat any deli meats. You love to dance and spend about 13 hours a week at the studio. You were on the A honor roll all four quarters. You love to read & are now rereading The Harry Potter series. You sleep on top of your covers so you don't have to make your bed. You love texting your friends. You don't want to be called Meg because it rhymes with egg. You like to golf with dad. You love to be with your friends and are quite the chatterbox.

K. Pertiet
Filmed Overlays No 5
Alandia Kit
Classic Pattern Finest
Wild Horses Tape
Clock Parts 2
Negative Sleeves No 2
Editorial Inspiration 53010
Color Inspiration 31311
Messy Stitched Borders White No 1
Messy Stitches White No 1
Vintage Paper Strips
Hinge Pack
Lock and Key
Gater Crossing Solids
In the Post Solids
Collageable Bits No 1
Letter Box Love Hearts
Oiselet Bleu Kit
Candid Kit
Loosely Labeled Dates
Filmed Photo Masks No 1

L. Grieveson
Yesterday Alpha

Studio DD
Frame from Layered template 71
Deckled Edge Journal Spot from For Humanity Kit