In the journaling on this page I mention a second title I could have used here; after looking at my page design (and I use the word "design" loosely!!) I suspect a a third title for this layout might be, "Focal Points? Who Needs 'Em!" Smile

Just popping in to say "Hi" and to see how everyone is. Me, well, the auditors are here for 3 more days, so light at the end of the tunnel at last! (I feel a celebratory layout coming on...)

The only real point to this page is that it gave me a way to get my scrapping ya-yas out. Beyond that, there is no deep story, no moment in time I wish to preserve, no special day that comes but once in a lifetime. Nothing but the musings of an overworked mind, ruminating on the whys and wherefores of a noisy little bird that was trying to scare off a sleeping cat. That bird and its nonstop screeching nearly drove me to drink on that afternoon, but the cat slept through the whole thing! That got me to wondering if the bird's approach to the problem was the best one, and that led me to thinking about the origins of the term "bird-brained" and, well, here we are, a page about nothing.

Sorry I haven't been able to leave many comments lately on all of your fab pages. I hope to get more time in the gallery soon; I miss you guys terribly!

Journaling reads:
"I could have also titled this layout “Now I Know Why They Call It Bird-Brained.” The story is this..

On occasion, I work at home. If I need to catch up on some reading, if I’m writing a proposal or the like, I find it easier to work away from the lab and all that goes on there. This particular August day was warm and breezy, so I opened our office window only to be greeted by the LOUDEST, most dissonant screeching imaginable. I rushed downstairs and carefully opened the back door, expecting, well, I don’t know what, but truly: only something big and mean with sharp teeth and nasty claws could make that kind of noise, right? Instead what I found was a bird, a nondescript little gray bird. He (she?) couldn’t have been more than 6 or 7 inches from beak to tail, and yet the noise he was making would have done a velociraptor proud! (Um, not that I’ve ever heard one, but I digress...)

I was probably five feet away from him, but me he ignored completely. He sat on the back of our patio rocking chair, fixated on something below him and just to his right. Following his gaze, I quickly found the source of his over-the-top anger--a snoozin’ kitty cat. Sneakers, as we call him, is a feral cat and a frequent visitor to our yard. (Our attempts to catch him are a whole ‘nother story... and not a pretty one, but I digress..) Sneakers often drops in just to take a nap on our sunny patio, as he was doing today. I suppose there was a bird nest nearby, perhaps in the tree below which Sneakers was sleeping. Whatever the reason, this bird wanted that cat GONE and was relentless in his verbal assault. Here’s the part I don’t get: if you‘re a cat snack with wings, wouldn’t it be better to keep a low profile, to NOT let the bird-o-vore know you’re there? If the point is to keep you and yours safe, shouldn’t the plan be to NOT shout and wave at the predator, saying “Here I am! No, over here! Above you and a litle to your left!”? See? Bird-brained! I’m just sayin’..."

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