The Museum of Greek Folk Art is the central state ethnographic museum. Its rich collections include representative examples of every branch of Greek folk art: Embroidery, Weaving, Regional Costumes, Masquerades, Shadow Theatre, Silverwork, Metalwork, Pottery, Woodcarving, Folk Painting, and Stone carving.
In one of my walks in Plaka, the old section of Athens I had the opportunity to visit the museum and see its gorgeous collection of Regional Costumes and other. All of them were impressive with rich embroidery made with silk and gold threads. My favorite costumes were those of the islands Corfu, the wedding dress from the island of Skopelos and the most beautiful of all were those of the island Karpathos. There is a whole section for Karpathos covering the life and the traditions of its inhabitants. In the two big photos are examples of the dresses. In the left photo is the dress, which wears the young girls and women and in the right photo the dress which wear the old women. An interesting detail is that when a woman becomes fifty years old she wears a black dress without she is a widow.

The round gold epoxy is the knob from the main door of one of the apartment buildings of Athens. It is an extraction from the photo in the bottom of the page.
The photo of the photo shows a young girl from Karpathos. I love the look in her eyes.

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