Ok...the really wonderful post in the forum about posting your pages, not being afraid to show a lift, or a CASE (ha!!) made me feel like I would NOT be a Loser with a Capital L for lifting.hee hee.

So here is my page that I lifted from Jana Morton, I loved her page immediately! We went to a wedding almost a week 1/2 ago and these photos of my 8 year old, Parker, were perfect for the slide reel idea Smile Thanks, Jana!!!


Supplies I used:

Katie Pertiet:
Classic Cardstock Dragon Trainer
Stacked Vintage Frames No. 04
Slide Reels No. 01
Little Hearts Add on
Tabbed Dates
Littlest Farmer epoxy
Charmed Words No. 01
Classic Cardstock Little Layette
Double Decker Kit
Stitched Journal Strips No. 02
Stacked Photo Clusters No. 03
Momentous Seals No. 01

Studio DD:
Boys Clusters

Patti Knox:
Fasten Its

Ali Edwards:

Michele Martin:
Elion Solids
Just Linens No. 04