I set out this morning to take butterfly photos, and not having a great deal of success decided to visit the butterfly house at Cox Arboretum. Imagine my glee at finding this lovely specimen among the zinnias outside.

At first I thought it was a small hummingbird. But wait! It has ears!! No, not ears, Silly. Antennae! And that would make it the Hummingbird clearwing moth. The first that I've seen, though they're supposedly common here.

Not being one to quibble with good fortune, I snapped off 56 photos. Did you know they're harder to photograph than lightening? Of the 56, I have two really decent shots, several that are usable if you don't look too closely, and one that has no moth at all in it because it escaped out of the frame before the shutter clicked. Not exactly what you'd call brilliant nature photography, but I'll settle for what I've got.

Lynn Grievson

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