***Note: this should really be titled: CLIMB EVERY BUNNY HILL***
As soon as I saw Mel's pick for the itunes challenge, I knew which photo I wanted to scrap for it.

Okay, so despite the fact that this looks like an ultra-macho photo and page about conquering summits and standing on top of great peaks despite all odds. . . it's actually a photo of my husband taken from what I'd call a "bunny hill" trail right off the road in Denali NP, Alaska. (Seriously, if my dear grandmother were still with us, she could have walked up this hill.) That said, it had a perfect vantage point down below for me to take this shot of him above. And my husband sure does like to think he's "king of the mountain." ; )

The quotes and sayings are from a range of folks: famous mountain climbers, philosophers, poets (William Shakespeare) and even pop culture tv (Star Trek).

In this Project (all DD):
Katie Pertiet
Graphic Pop Sprays Brushes and Stamps No. 01

Fonts: Solex, Interstate

Thanks for looking! : )