I have wanted to play with Cathy Z's insta LT for awhile now after seeing all the cool pages in the gallery. I clipped the photos to the page and then............what to do? I am intimidated by clean lines........love them, but intimidated. Then there was that pink in that photo I knew I needed to use. I am intimidated by color, but the thought of pink.....don't know if I can do it! How to make it all work in my comfort zone of some word art/text and some bits of grunge/distress, yet still keep the focus on the photos and the story. So I simply did the 'digi dance' through my supplies............yes, no, maybe, could work, that could be intesting, what if I..............you know the moves to the dance very well! Began with Katie's "Edgy Botanical Papers" (with a name like that for a kit I knew I was at the right starting point!) and moved on from there. Thank you DD designers for always letting me find all those bits and pieces of your work and talent that let me make the page feel like ME.
Thanks for looking..............yes, I know there isn't much pink there, but it's there!

Alyssa and I spent an evening walking through a Botanical Garden in Springfield, Mo. Despite the record high temps, the flowers were still beautiful and the walking paths were an amazing sight as the sun was setting. I was taking photos with my mind’s eye, but upset I had forgotten my camera when we remembered Alyssa had brought her iphone.....perfect! We walked and talked about her future plans and enjoyed the evening and I captured some amazing photos of the beautiful Botanical Gardens. Memories of our time spent together sharing mom/daughter talk and the beauty of nature.

Cathy Z
Insta Love LT (freebie)

Katie Pertiet
Edgy Botanicals Paper Pack (perfect!)
Candid Collection
Neutral Word Bits No. 1
Email Inspiration 82210

Ali Edwards
Remember Word Art

Anna Aspnes
Distressed Edge Overlays No. 09
Foto WordArt No. 02
ArtPlay Palette Fotographie