Ode to a Dishwasher is an ode to frustration . . . I’m frustrated simply because I don’t want to redo my kitchen . . . I don’t like that our appliances have been sinking into oblivion for the past dozen or so years. I don’t want to make the decisions for the replacements . . . I don’t want the mess and inconvenience of tearing the kitchen up and redoing it all. I am frustrated because I don’t cook nearly as much as I did a dozen years ago and just hate to spend the money to revamp the whole thing! I’m frustrated because while replacing the appliances we need to put a new floor in, add new insulation to the old log walls to keep out the cold wind in the winter and the heat in the summer. And that entails ripping out the old (perfectly good) cabinets that I love and replacing them with “mouse proof” ones. The whole thing is reminiscent of a favorite children’s book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” . . . the premise of which is one thing leads to another and so on & so on! So I’m frustrated . . . and thought that my tirade would be a great subject for my take on the AAM Challenge this week! Thanks Steph for letting me get this off of my chest . . . but I’m still frustrated!

Journaling: Things in my kitchen have been on the downhill slide for more than ten years . . . first it was the dishwasher . . . that was in 1998. I got a new Kitchen Aide just before our daughter got married eleven years ago in order to cope with all the entertaining that was going on here . . . it was wonderful. That was the beginning! Next an eye burned out on our stovetop . . . then the microwave began shooting sparks . . . then the oven top unit went out. Only the beginning is sort of an untruth I think . . . the compactor went out after our then three year old grandson, Mitchell lost the key turner thingy . . . so we didn’t get it fixed and only use it now to hold a trash sack. I don’t mind that at all . . . I never was in love with the compactor anyway. The icemaker went by the wayside about eight years ago so we use tray to freeze the ice in our utility room dinosaur of a refrigerator. One or more of the grandchildren broke the plastic floor of that poor excuse of a frig while trying to reach the milk on top self by standing inside with the door open. That was only cosmetic and I didn’t mind. Another burner went out on the stovetop about two years ago and then two months later the much loved Kitchen Aide dishwasher bit the dust after I had bragged on it for so long. We fixed it and it didn’t appreciate us at all and told us that to really have it fixed right would cost more than a new one would cost! That seem a bit unfair so now I am washing dishes, cooking on two burners, hauling out the trash twice a day, I’m unable to broil in the oven or make toast. I must insert that our toaster burned out in a stinky exit five years or so ago. I do like to wash dishes and don’t mind making yummy toast in a skillet like my grandmother did. I did get a sorry replacement for the microwave a few months ago and now I sulk each time I try to work the darned thing . . . I keep telling it that I don’t have a PHD in electronics! I have been contemplating the horrors of a new kitchen for several years and get sick at my stomach thinking of the planning, decisions & the mess . . . not to mention the cost of a new one. But, what has finally driven me to want a makeover is that the mice have decided that we are a perpetual diner. I failed to mention that we live in a log house made with pre-Civil War logs with chinking. Said chinking has neon lights flashing that it is the entrance for any mouse that might need shelter from cold, heat or famine. The mice & the thoughts of washing dishes for 16 people for two weeks of three meals a day during Thanksgiving & Christmas has made up my mind to have two months of chaos & a new kitchen! But, I confess that I will miss the mindless & satisfying splashing in the suds & seeing the sunlight slanting through the kitchen window and seeing the gleaming reflections of the light bounce off of the shiny pots & pans. Maybe I will close my new dishwasher from time to time and take myself back in time to my childhood and standing on a stool to the bliss of helping Mother wash & dry the dishes after supper!

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