Diesel has been here since Saturday, and he's going home this evening, so I thought I probably ought to do at least one page for him.

He loves to go for a romp in the park - ANY park, he's not particular. Since we had rain Monday and Tuesday, and things in the woods are still kinda damp, I chose to avoid the mud and muck by taking him for a walk at the local puddle. There's a bicycle path that goes all around the puddle and into the woods, and it's paved, so we avoid the muddy feet bit. Fortunately, he minds fairly well, so I can - with a little insistance - get him to sit long enough to snap a few pictures from time to time. I was actually pretty pleased with the one of the heron. This is the first time I've seen it here at this puddle, and I managed to get a little closer than the last time. Good boy, Diesel!!

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