I am working on all the old baby/toddler photos of my dd when she was little (she is 19 now). This one is about her birth.

Journaling reads: Prior to your birth I decided that I didn’t want your dad to stop doing what he loved doing, and I knew every May he would attend a ski race camp at Mammoth Mountain, so I told him that as long as I had a short while to bounce back from your delivery, I didn’t see why he shouldn’t go. It would be early May, and you would be about 3 weeks by then. I knew your dad did not cook, so I decided I would fill the freezer with frozen dinners so that all he would have to do was pop one in the oven or microwave and be done. In the early evening, I went to the grocery store and filled my cart with meals. As I stood in the line, I began to have contractions. It was about 7:00pm on April 11th. I didn’t for a second think that it was false labor, as I was already 6 days late. I starting wondering how long it would be before you were born, but I knew, standing in line, that I didn’t have to get stressed about being at the supermarket, as long as my water didn’t break (how horrible that would be). When I got home, I told your dad that you were on your way, and told him he might want to get some sleep, as I thought it would be a while before we would have to head to the hospital. The contractions were not that bad, so I tried to relax as much as I could. Hoping a hot shower would speed things along, I spent a lot of time in the shower that night, but basically I was up the entire night until I didn’t think I could handle the pain any longer. I woke up your dad at about 4:00am, and at about 5:00am we called Dr. Wise. He told me to hold off as long as I could prior to heading to the hospital.
At about 6:00am, I didn’t think I could stand it any longer, and we headed to the hospital. The car ride was horrible, as when I had a contraction, and the pain would peak, it would stay at the peaked level of pain as long as the car was moving, so I kept asking Ron to stop the car. We had about a 30 minute ride to the hospital, so it made for a horrible ride. Once we got to the hospital, they examined me, and told me I was not dilated at all. They suggested we go back home, which I wasn’t about to do. They then suggested we go to the Denny’s down the street. Reluctantly, we did so, although it was hard to handle the drive. I was too nauseous to eat, but ordered a bit of this and that because I knew I would not be given any food at the hospital until after your birth. I basically sat in the booth in pain and in tears, not really caring that people might be watching. I eventually told your dad we should go back. Within 30 seconds of being back at the hospital, I threw up everything I had eaten. They again examined me, and told me that I was still not dilated, and insisted we go home. I asked that they call the Doctor before we decided what to do. When the nurse went off to call Dr. Wise, my water broke. The nurse told us that because my water had broken, I would be admitted. She checked me again, and said that when she touched the cervix, I went from not being dilated to 5 centimeters. Dr. Wise was on his way. I was happy to hear I did not have to wait for Doctor Wise to arrive before they would administer an epidural. I was in too much pain to wait, and I had earlier in my pregnancy decided I was not one to go natural. I just didn’t want to take any pain drugs that might remain in your system after birth. After I got the epidural, it was smooth sailing, as I felt no pain at all. I sat back to try to relax, which was hard, but only because I was so excited that you would soon arrive. Dr. Wise arrived around noon, and the 3 of us sat in the room and chatted about the Padres, among other things. We also had the TV to watch, and I had bought your dad’s radio along with my favorite Jackson Browne albums to help relax me, but because of the epidural, I was feeling no pain at all. My due date was April 8th. It was now the 12th, and I starting thinking - could it be possible that I could deliver you on my mom’s birthday. She had had me three days after her birthday. I asked Dr. Wise, and he said that there was no way you would be born on the 13th. Hours came and went, and still, things were not progressing. Dr. Wise then asked if it would be okay to back off on some of the epidural. I had never thought the epidural would take away all of the pain, but just enough to make it bearable. Even after we changed the epidural dosage, things were not progressing as he would like. It was getting to be late evening, and come 10pm, Dr. Wise told me he wanted to give me some Pitocin to push the labor along. I knew that he would only ask to do so if he felt it was necessary, so I agreed. The labor began to progress, and you were born. You did in fact wait to be born on April 13th, on your grandmother’s birthday. It was 12:47am when you came into this world. You were 8 days late, and because of this, Dr. Wise had anticipated the possibility of you aspirating meconium. As you were being born, I was informed that you indeed had done so, therefore they had to whisk you away to be certain to clear your airway. For this reason, Daddy did not get to cut the umbilical cord, and I was not able to hold you right away. We felt it was important for them to do what they needed to do as long as that meant you were okay. I did ask if it was possible that when it came time to bath you for the first time that they do so in the room. I had purposely chosen Alvarado Hospital because they had the special birthing rooms, and would not move the infants to the nursery. The nurse told me she would do so. I don’t know if I was afraid of you being stolen or switched. I just didn’t want you to leave my sight. I did notice two things about you when you were born. The first was that you had loads of hair. I remember how shocked I was when Doctor Wise stated that you had dark curly hair as you were crowning, and I remember thinking that I did not expect you to have any hair, as I was bald when I was born. The other thing I noticed was that you had a little spot on your belly – below your belly button. I told myself, even if you had to be taken to the nursery, I could always tell it was you because of that special spot. That was YOUR spot. You were suctioned out, and checked out, washed up and wrapped in a blanket and handed to me. Your dad and I gazed at you for a long time, passing you back and forth so we could both hold you. It was now getting to be early morning, and I knew I wouldn’t get any sleep with all the typical hospital noise, so I mentioned to your dad that he should head home so at least he would get some sleep. He did, and I remember having your bassinet right next to my bed, but I just held you for hours. You were completely quiet. We gazed at each other, and you held my fingers so tight. I was not tired at all, although with the sun coming up, I knew I had been up for about 48 hours and went to about 30 hours of labor. I knew there was no way I would be able to sleep with this wonderful little being in my arms. I couldn’t even put you in your bassinet. I held you and whispered to you about how wonderful your life would be and how happy we were that you had arrived. I just kept gazing at this perfect little infant, our Rachel Whitney.

Items used:
Glen Moore Kit - Katie Pertiet
Damask Transfers No. 1 - Katie Pertiet
Have a Heart Felt No. 2 - Pattie Knox
Just Linens No. 3 - Maplebrook Studios
Stitches by Anna Borders No. 1 White - Anna Aspnes
All items recolored