Fortunately, I had the time to do this when the immediate idea came into my head. Thanks Steph for the inspiration! ETA: I happily retired 5 years ago!

"You should have been an attorney! " he threw back at me & my frustrated questions.

Yet one more discussion turning into an argument which he ended with that phrase. All I usually wanted was a little bit more information about a mundane subject. I would ask a question; he wouldn't answer me. I'd ask again, with a sightly different phrasing, and maybe get an answer. Usually by the 3rd question, I'd see the anger fill his face and the "You should have…." line was spit out and he'd walk away. Frustrated? you're damn right I was!! Furious that I couldn't get a simple answer to a simple question once again. If you're wondering "Can this marriage be saved?" well, the answer is no, it wasn't saved. It got nastier and uglier before it ended but end it did

I always wondered why the suggestion of my being an attorney came up so often. Ironically, it had been one of the career choices that had come up when I had taken one of the standard yellow booklet tests to determine what each of us might be good at. Teacher and attorney were what stood out in my mind. Well, the law was for men in those days, and the nuns impressed upon us how practical teaching would be along with marriage, and raising a family. The workday ended at 3pm!

Later, when married and raising that expected family, I read in a hs newsletter that one of my classmates had graduated from law school and was now working for the Department of Justice. Law school!?!? I almost exploded!! How could she do that??? and why was I stuck in England, unable to work at all, and such an opportunity now existed?? My poor husband had no idea why I was so upset. Wasn't marriage and motherhood enough? He didn't like the answer.



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