ETA: I happily retired 5 years ago!

Fast forward 20+ years later, one divorce, three grown children, and several government jobs, including teaching, behind me. Now, I am helping to draft legislation, working with many lawyers and lobbyists to ensure the potential law does what the sponsors intend it to do. The (female) head of a local law school suggests I may be interested in attending law school. She knows that there is scholarship money available to 'mature' women. I think seriously about this, reassured that I won't even have to take the LSAT. But I am newly re-married, and I love the time I have to spend with this man. Two or more years is a lot to give up while still working full time and trying to build a solid foundation for a marriage. The decision is delayed until I look at my priorities for the umpteenth time. The law is going to be the path not taken. In time, I am totally at peace with this decision. I know I could have done it, could have become a skillful attorney and I also know I could have become brutal in a courtroom. I know some of my strengths could have been easily misused. At this time in my life, I know my dark side well enough not to put it in 'a fertile field'. I don't need the money and I am no longer interested in the prestige.

Are there moments where I am wistful about what might have been? of course, but they are not moments of frustration. I accept my choices and love the path I walk today. I'm glad to know the frustrations of my 40s have mellowed into the serenity of my 60s.



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