Thank you for the awesome inspiration! I loved lifting your page, Jenelle!

Color Inspiration 070911 (Katie Pertiet)

Journaling (approximate): At times you drive me mad with your fighting. I don't understand how it's possible to quarrel over every little thing, at any time, in so horrible ways. It's screaming, kicking, fighting in every thinkable way. And yes, I know that my brother and I fought just as much, about the same unimportant things, no matter how much we loved each other, but that doesn't make it easier to deal with your fighting. But then... Out of nothing come the small incidents that make me see the love you feel for each other. Things you do. Things you say. Like when you, M, with a proud look give J a toy she wants to play with, because you know it will make her happy. The precious look on your face when you see that see lightens up and thanks you. How there's a peace treaty for a couple of minutes because you respect each other for a short while. And how you, J, when I ask you who is your best friend in kindergarten, spontaneously and with a slightly annoyed look on your face because I obviously don't understand anything answers "M is my best friend". In these moments I can feel the tears fill my eyes, and I am deeply grateful that you, even though you can fight as cat and dog (and are as different as them, too), know where your loyalty is. Thank you for showing me these things. It gives me confidence that you will support each other later on in life as well.