Thank you, Linda for posting your oh, so fun Quirks page or I would have missed Steph's latest AAM Challenge. This was a fun one. :O)

Journaling: I never thought I really had any quirks until a few years ago. I thought things like someone licking their thumb and then handing me a paper (basically spitting on my paper) was more of a pet peeve. But, little by little I started noticing things about myself that make me say, “hum.”
I don’t like to sit with my back to people in a restaurant.
When I go to bed at night I have to face the door and my hands have to be under the covers. After a few minutes (if I’m not asleep yet) then it doesn’t matter.
All of my currancy bills are arranged from lowest to highest whether they are in my wallet or in my pocket.
My dinner plate is always arranged so that the main course is closest to me. In a restaurant I usually have to spin it around before I can eat.
When I play cards the front of the cards have to be right side up. Lucky for me I really only have to deal with the face cards in this situation.
When I read a book I can’t open it all the way for fear of breaking the binding.
If I know the song on the radio I have to sing along no matter where I am.
When I build a hamburger, it is built in a certain order whether all the ingredients are available or not.
All chairs have to be pushed in underneath the table when not in use.
I can’t have lights on in the house during the day.
I feel the need to “even up” the pan of brownies if it’s cut wonky (or maybe that’s just an excuse . . . subconsciously of course).
Apparently, I have my share of quirks. I find them interesting, kind of funny and sort of endearing . . . to myself.

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