I am attempting to scrap my dd for a photobook from all her baby/toddler pix. Wish I had digital way back then:( (she is 19 now) I am filling these pages with text since I don't have many photo - in hopes to give her some insite of who she was.
Journaling: You are 26 months old, and just beginning to realize you are the center of the world. You are such a good child, but you know that everyone pays close attention to everything you do. You pick this up when we are out, and people stop me to tell me how beautiful you are. From the day you were born, we were often stopped and asked if I put you on TV. I’d just smile and thank them and tell them no. Here in the back yard, I can see the sly look on your face that you know you are noticed, and you drink this up, and seem to thrive on it. You are running around the yard knowing that I am taking photographs of you, and you are either being your coy sweet self, or hamming it up for the camera.
You have a kind of swagger when you walk. It’s kind of a “notice me” walk - a walk of importance, and I watch you in amazement and with the realization that you truly are a special child. Although you are not really the center of the world, you really are the center of my world, and I feel so blessed with that knowledge.
Just over 2 years of age, you are sweet, even tempered, confident and self assured. You will often get up in the middle of the night and walk through the house in complete darkness - not at all afraid - nothing phases you. You are open to every new situation, you don’t have to have me next to you to cling onto. You are also at the stage of giving me a new smile when I ask you to smile for the camera. No matter how much I try to get you to smile naturally, you will not let it happen. You now insist on smiling by tightly squinting your eyes closed. No matter how much I ask you to smile naturally, you insiston squinting you eyes saying “mommy this is my smile!”, so I am forced to try to catch you while you are not thinking about me and the camera. Although you do have other children to play with at Debra’s daycare while I am at work, you are content to play by yourself as well. You are an only child and we have no pets, so you have learned to play contently on your own. That is not to say you do not have your moments, because I think every child does. We have noticed that you need some time by yourself once I bring you have from Debra’s. You will often cry for a few minutes, but it is not a cry like you are angry to be leaving Debra’s, it is more like a release - going from lots of activity to be in a quiet home, After two minutes in your room you seem to re-center yourself and you are ready to come out and be your happy little self. Believe it or not, the only other difficult time I have with you is when a movie you are watching is over, you immediately start crying and saving OVER-OVER-OVER, and more often than not, we’d play the same movie again. I do remember one weekend when Debra let you borrow BALTO for the weekend. I believe we watched that movie more than a dozen times before Monday. You weren’t necessarily watching it, but you liked it on while you were playing with other things. When you were done with a movie, you would then say “REWAA”, which meant ANOTHER ONE, and we would pick out another movie to watch. But I must say that for the most part, you are a delight to be around, so much so that Debra asks to take you places on the week-end, because everything to you is such a delight that it makes the people around you feel good.

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