I enjoyed this 3 Kits 3 Ways Challenge - what a great selection of products for inspiration! This is a photo from another family trip last summer. We spent half a day fishing and surprisingly, "Team Girl" (my mom, my aunt and myself) was victorious over "Team Boy" (my uncle and my cousin's husband and son). There was a high price to pay for success though - when we were crossing the river the girls nearly went for an unplanned swim!

Text Reads: Girl Power vs. River Power: Team Girl scored big fly-fishing on our summer trip to Yellowstone. We reeled in 15 fish in two hours. Turns out, the fishing part was easy. The river crossing to get there – not so much!

In this Project (all DD):

Three Kits:
Little Shores Kit
Game Cards: Summer
Cut Ups: Summertime

Katie Pertiet
Investigated Brushes and Stamps
Stacked Vintage Frames No. 02
Tabbed Dates
Twisted Stitches
Patterned Brushes and Stamps
Flossy Stitches: White

Fonts: Times New Roman, Benton Gothic

Thanks for Looking! : )