I enjoyed this 3 Kits 3 Ways Challenge - what a great selection of products for inspiration! This is a photo from another family trip last summer. We spent half a day fishing and surprisingly, "Team Girl" (my mom, my aunt and myself) was victorious over "Team Boy" (my uncle and my cousin's husband and son). There was a high price to pay for success though - when we were crossing the river the girls nearly went for an unplanned swim!

Text Reads: Girl Power vs. River Power: Team Girl scored big fly-fishing on our summer trip to Yellowstone. We reeled in 15 fish in two hours. Turns out, the fishing part was easy. The river crossing to get there not so much!

In this Project (all DD):

Three Kits:
Little Shores Kit
Game Cards: Summer
Cut Ups: Summertime

Katie Pertiet
Investigated Brushes and Stamps
Stacked Vintage Frames No. 02
Tabbed Dates
Twisted Stitches
Patterned Brushes and Stamps
Flossy Stitches: White

Fonts: Times New Roman, Benton Gothic

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