Another page for my album. I'd never make it with a 365 or even a weekly. I felt I could handle 2 pages a month for a yearly. This is the first for August.

The butterfly is an American Snout, and this one is a male, I think. The males have shortened front legs. No idea. Most of the time when you see an American Snout, you see it with its wings tightly closed, leaving it looking very much like a dead leaf. But when it opens its wings, it's a very different story. They're a magnificent orange and black with white splotches. A medium sized butterfly, the Snout is about 2 inches from wing-tip to wing-tip, and migrates in huge flocks all the way from Mexico and Texas. They cause quite a stir in Texas where they arrive in clouds and many end up decorating the windshields of cars. Apparently, they like the hackberry trees there. My sister isn't so fond of them, (the car thing) but I think they're pretty and unusual.

Katie Pertiet
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The mask was made with a brush from Photoshop.