When I saw Steph's latest AAM Challenge, I knew I had to get back in the game. It's all about quirks, and goodness knows, I have plenty of them. My son and daughter-in-law helped me compile my list -- somehow it's easier to identify somebody else's quirks than it is your own. Anyway, welcome to Quirk Central.

(Huge thanks to AmyL who first pinned this great quote on Pinterest -- it so inspired this page.)

Journaling: Twenty years ago, I don’t think I’d even heard of OCD. Now I could be the poster child for it. Although it’s true that I don’t exhibit some of the more well-known symptoms such as hand washing, checking locks and lights, lining up items, I have enough of what I like to call “quirks” that I might just qualify. Let the list begin: When I drink from a to-go cup, I have to line up the lid and sleeve with the seam on the cup. Wait a minute, didn’t I just say I didn’t line up items? Oh, well. I have never been able to stand stickiness. If my hands get sticky, I can’t do anything else until I wash off the stickiness. I have standing appointments for my nails and my hair – scheduled out a year in advance. Don’t mess with my grooming appointments. When I staple papers together, they have to be perfectly aligned. Years ago when I was in the classroom, I graded A LOT of essays. I figured if I had to spend half my life grading essays, I would minimize the agony as much as possible by re-stapling the papers of my students who didn’t care HOW they stapled them together. A sigh from me is usually accompanied by, “Oh, me!” I am an absolute salt-a-holic. I salt or re-salt everything, including watermelon, and my favorite salt is coarse sea salt from my salt grinder. In my wallet, the bills are always facing the same way and arranged from lowest to highest denomination. When I drink from a glass, plastic cup, or aluminum can, I have to have a cozy or napkin around it. I can’t stand the wetness when I pick up a cold drink. My BIG collection of DVDs is arranged alphabetically, at least until my husband pulls one out and then doesn’t re-shelve it properly.

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