June and July were two hectic months for Athens. Every day, from 7 pm until late evening, citizens from all social classes and from each political group demonstrated peacefully in Syntagma Square, the central square of Athens and in front of the Parliament voicing opposition to the approval of the Memorandum, introducing a mix of spending cuts, tax hikes, privatizations and other austerity measures and the sellout of the country.
I crossed the Syntagma Square towards the shopping section of Athens, 4-5 times, to make my purchases for my son’s forthcoming wedding and I found the opportunity to take several photos of the slogans of demonstrators

The banners read
“No Pasaran”, “The junta did not end in 73, we'll bury it in this square”, “You aren’t the 300 of Leonidas , we are”, “This is Sparta” , “No home in the hands of Bankers”, “The Greek women against the Memorandum”, “SHUT UP! NOW PEOPLE SPEAK”, “GREECE+SPAIN out the junda of IMF”, ”All united”,“Greece is not for sale”, “General strike against the global dictatorship of the Banks”, These were some of the slogans on the banners of the Athenian citizens, who demonnstrated peacefully for a month against the Memorandum , because it aims at pillaging of our national wealth. The Government voted the Memorandum with 151 votes

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