In the English language, at least here in the States, there is a certain obscenity--"$%^& you!"--that is used to convey the outrage and disgust one person has for another. This phrase is often hurled in anger during a heated argument, and it is meant to wound or diminish the target in some way. Many people consider this the most vulgar, hurtful and dismissive phrase one person can say to another.

I disagree. I think the most vulgar, hurtful and dismissive phrase one person can say to another is, "Audit you!"

The story is this...

As if things have not been busy enough at work lately, near the end of the week before last our entire department was selected for an internal audit. Ugh, right? It gets worse. As happens with such things, the auditors randomly pick people and labs for special and more thorough consideration, and guess whose lab was the lucky winner? Fortunately, the floor manager is a friend of mine (it's good to have low friends in high places!), so she gave me a heads up that this was coming, but I spent all of the previous weekend and all last week getting ready for this; the audit started last week. The auditors will be here throughout the month of August (Oh joy! Oh rapture! Oh bliss!), so I'm likely to be absent from the gallery for a while, but I'm thinking of you guys and hope you're all enjoying the summer.

In my spare time (I kill me sometimes! Smile ) I made this page as a way to get through it all. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and deal, right?

Credits to soon as I get time...


...and we are back.

Art Warehouse
Eternity Paper and Rub Ons
Ticket Stickers No. 01

Lynn Grieveson
Forecast Kit (umbrella)

Cassie Jones
How'd They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows
How'd They Do That? No 18: Weaving Words (for threading elements on clothes line)
Laying It All Out No. 03: Custom Stickers and Clever Layering

Pattie Knox
DIY Laundry Line
Fasten Its!
Felt Board Friends: BeeAutiful Blooms
FeltBoard Friends: Potty Like a Rock Star (seriously, how much do you love this name?)
FeltBoard Friends: Tweethearts
Sunshine and Summertime Kit

Maplebrook Studios
Manchester Kit

Katie Pertiet
Basic Tags No. 01
Classic Cardstock: Festive Brights Paper Pack
Classic Cardstock: Into the Night
Hung Up Tags No. 02
Littlest Farmer Kit (green flower)
Lock and Key
Tabbed Dates
Whimsy Wings
Mousing Around

Font: Euphemia

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