These are old photos of my dd who is now 19. I loved that little ruffled skirt, and remember many a day that we would venture over to thepark. As a toddler, she was so full of smiles all the time - every little thing was big event to Rachel - she was such a blessing (and still is).

Journaling reads: Before we moved into our home, we were told that the vacant land across the street would be either a school, more homes, or a park. We were thrilled on the day that we found out it would indeed be a park, and watched as it took shape as the grass and trees were planted, a fence installed around a ball field, benches, picnic tables, and a play area, with swings, a jungle gym and sandbox. Silverset Park was completed just in time for our little one. I would put Rachel in her stroller and walk down the hill to the entrance, and then across the park to the play area. How Rachel loved to run on the grass, or climb on the jungle gym, swing on the swing, or play in the sand box. Oh how much fun she had in our very own park across the street.

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