Journaling - We finally got into the hairdressers today for a long overdue trim. Claire really hates for her hair to get long and it does look cute when it’s nice and short. It seems darker in colour to me lately - maybe because it’s winter and she hasn’t been in the sun so much. She calls it ‘yellow’ like a little kid would. Of course her favourite is red, and she admires anyone with red hair - the darker and brighter the better! But at least we seem to have gotten past her asking to have it dyed red every time we go to the hairdresser!

JEckles - Sally Print Font

KPertiet - Artistry de Sol Kit
Basic Paper Alphabet: Yellow No. 02
Thankful Memories Kit (glitter)
l'Automne Kit (ribbon)

AAspnes - ArtPlay Palette Celebrate ValueSet (scissors)