Still enthralled with the technique of clipping a photo to a large collection od words. It works really well for close-up out-of-focus photos like this one of Luke, paired with a recent conversation.

"Wednesday 6 July 2011 ~ He had been to Baseball practice with his Dad. Lot’s of running and catching and throwing had left him exhausted. The garage door swung open, he dropped his things on the laundry room floor and was immediately standing next to my work chair in the office, arms by his side, shoulders shrugged and those dark brown eyes staring right at me. I knew immediately what he wanted. The same thing he wants every night when he’s tired, to be scooped up and loved and cuddled. He tugged at my chair so that I would swivel around just enough so that he could climb in my lap before nestling his head in the curve of my neck between my head and shoulder. His favorite resting place. He then said the most coveted words ever that can be said by a little boy to his Mom, “Mommy, I never want to find a wife”. The manner in which he uttered these words was with such certainty, and almost disdain that someone might expect him to. He then went on to say, “I want to stay with you forever”. Gosh, I love that. Of course, I also know that one day he’ll change his mind, but for right now I’m the number one lady in his life and I’ll take all the LukeeLove I can get for however long he is willing. Tucking this one away for keeps."

In this particular case, I rotated my photo 90 degrees. It's been a while since I have played with the orientation of my photos. It can give an image a whole new look and feel.

ArtPlay Palette Poppy (white background)
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