The journaling is hard to read so I'm putting it here:
He wasn’t what we were expecting - not even a little bit. Our other Shelties have been delicate and pretty. This little guy looks like a stocky black bear. Everyone in the Sheltie groups has been so kind since we lost our beautiful Maggie Mae and Fillie and they thought this boy would be perfect for us. He’s a bit too small for the show ring and available to be a pet. Well, when we saw him, we were really taken aback. He came up to us very quietly and shyly. He didn’t jump. He just waited patiently - would we like him? Were we friendly? Oh, yes! We liked him. He rode all the way home quietly and slept through the night. He is our boy, our little Bear. We love him!
July 8, 2011

I used Anna Aspnes' template for Week three of Project 2011
ArtPlay Palette Seafoam
ArtsyBlooms No. 01 ElementSet
MultiMedia FlutterBys No. 01
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